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The Clock Might Have Slowed On Apple’s ‘iWatch’

The Clock Might Have Slowed On Apple’s ‘iWatch’

September 11, 2013
It isn’t supposed to arrive until 2014, but already it looks like Apple’s “iWatch” product is running into problems. Apple is suffering from “low-yield-rate problems,” which means that suppliers can only offer “30-40% of the original order volumes,” according to DigiTimes. According to the news, which comes from “talk in the Taiwan supply chain,” the iWatch has posed a great challenge to manufacturers. They note:
The iWatch is built using powder metallurgy technology and then processed by CNC equipment. Since Apple requires the iWatch be thin and light and still features an elegant design, it has been known that this will pose a great challenge to the device's chassis suppliers as well as related component makers and back-end process service providers.
We caution that DigiTimes isn't always to best supplier of Apple news as many of their stories turn out to be false. Rumors suggest that Apple plans on releasing some sort of smart watch next year. When it arrives, it will take on products like the recently announced Samsung Galaxy Gear. As usual, we’ll keep you updated. See also: Last Year, Google Made An Acquisition That Could Help It Rival Apple's iWatchKey Nike+ FuelBand Developer Jay Blahnik Joins Apple Reportedly To Work On iWatch, and Apple's 'iWatch' Is Likely To Include Plenty Of Health And Fitness Tools. Photo: iWatch concept by by Federico Ciccarese

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