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Apple's 'iWatch' Is Likely To Include Plenty Of Health And Fitness Tools

Apple's 'iWatch' Is Likely To Include Plenty Of Health And Fitness Tools

July 18, 2013
We’re hearing more about Apple’s often rumored “iWatch,” and the news is great for fitness enthusiasts. Cupertino is said to be hiring a team of hardware and software experts that specialize in medical sensors. This suggests that Apple’s new product will include important health and fitness components, according to 9to5Mac. According to the report, Apple is adding experts in relevant sensor and medical fields. Among the firms who have recently lost employees to Apple are AccuVein, C8 MediSensors, and Senseonics. They state:
Based on new hires, it seems that Apple’s interest in sensors focuses on the ability to measure glucose and other body level information. With this data, the product could inform users of vital information in a non-invasive way. These sensors could also pick up more data to give a user a snapshot of their health, which would be ideal for fitness applications.
Earlier this week, The Financial Times reported that Apple was “aggressively” hiring new employees for its anticipated smart watch. This latest story offers a much more specific take on where these new hires are taking place and why. The iWatch is expected to launch in 2014. See also: Get Ready: The Smart Watch Market Is Set To Boom In 2014, Report Claims, and Are You One Of The Majority Who Doesn't See The Point Of The iWatch? Photo: iWatch concept by Yrving Torrealba

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