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Three Big Question Marks Remain Ahead Of Apple’s iPhone Event

Three Big Question Marks Remain Ahead Of Apple’s iPhone Event

September 9, 2013
Apple used to be very good at keeping future products a secret. This is no longer the case. Barring a last second change, Cupertino will reveal two new iPhones tomorrow, and also announce a release date for iOS 7 for the iPhone/iPod touch. Big questions do remain, including the following:

How many different colors?

I’m somewhat convinced that each circle on Apple’s invitation to tomorrow’s event represents a different colored iPhone 5C. If this is true, Apple is set to release the lower-cost handset in eight different colors. These include: green, blue, light blue, purple, orange, red, pink, and white. Still, this many colors sounds like a logistical nightmare, no? What about the iPhone 5S? Models in black/slate, and white/silver are guaranteed, as is the new champagne-colored model. The biggest unknown is whether Apple also releases a new graphite colored model.

What drive sizes will be offered?

It looks like Apple could be keeping the 16GB iPhone 5 in production. If correct, this probably means that we’re about to see our first iPhone with 128GB. Assuming that Apple keeps its price points in check, this means we’ll see the following:
  • 32GB iPhone 5S, $199
  • 64GB iPhone 5S, $299
  • 128GB iPhone 5S, $399
Turning to the iPhone 5C, less is certain. The very reason that Apple is releasing the iPhone 5C is to offer a lower-cost handset. With this in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised to see Apple only offer a 16GB model this time around. Otherwise, the price points could get too close to the iPhone 5S.

Will Apple delay the launch of iOS 7 on the iPad?

Things have been very quiet on the iOS 7 front in recent weeks. The last beta arrived on Aug. 15, meaning we’ve gone 25 days since an update. At the same time, rumors suggest that Apple will launch new iPads at a separate event in October, as they did in 2012. All of this suggests that iOS 7 won’t launch on iPad until next month. Many of us in tech will report this as a delay, although Apple probably doesn’t see it that way. After all, why release a new operating system without new devices? What questions do you hope Apple will answer tomorrow? We can’t wait to cover tomorrow’s iPhone event. Our coverage will begin at 9 a.m. PDT. The actual event begins at 10 a.m. PDT. We still haven’t heard whether Apple will provide live streaming.

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