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Today's Apps Gone Free: Sprinkle Islands, Art In Motion, Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles And More

Help the inhabitants of Titan put out the fire in Mediocre's Sprinkle Islands. We also have an app that allows you to create art with interactive orbs, and a jigsaw puzzle that will take your little ones back in time.

All app prices are subject to change at any time and without notice regardless of stated free duration. Price changes are solely under the control of the developers.


Boom Boat ($0.99 → Free, 15.1 MB): Blast the menace that is lurking at the bottom of the sea into oblivion in this physics puzzler. You're able to control your Boom Boat's movements by tilting your iDevice. Just tap the action icons to drop bombs and other objects. Complete each level using as few resources as possible to earn a perfect rating. The game includes 60 levels, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.

Boom Boat is available for free for a limited time. It has a 3-star rating with a total of 250 ratings.


File Manager - Folder Plus ($4.99 → Free, 8.9 MB): Store, edit, manage, and protect all of your files with this business app. It allows you to create your own text, audio, or media files, or you can import files via iTunes File Sharing or Wi-Fi. Files can be arranged into folders, zipped, and shared. The app also includes a three-finger task switcher, AirPrint support, passcode protection, search, support for the most common file types, and a whole bunch more.

File Manager - Folder Plus is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 372 ratings.

Knots 3D ($1.99 → Free, 44.3 MB): Learn how to tie 87 different types of knots with this reference app. You're able to watch each knot tie itself, and you can pause or adjust the speed of the animation at any time. You can also rotate each knot 360 degrees, and zoom in using multitouch gestures. Knots can be broken down by category or class, and they can be added to favorites for quick reference.

Knots 3D is available for free today only (09/06). It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 115 ratings.

Sprinkle Islands ($1.99 → Free, 36.2 MB): The inhabitants of Titan once again find their beautiful planet on fire. It's up to you to put out every last flame in this charming physics puzzler. This time around you'll have to make your way across the sometimes treacherous terrain to reach all of the fires. You're able to move your firetruck with a tilt, and blast streams of water by tapping the button in the lower right corner of the screen. Move boulders and other obstacles to activate switches and reach difficult spots. Above all else, try to conserve as much water as possible, because that's how you'll be graded. The game includes five islands, 60 levels, and achievements and leaderboards via Game Center.

Sprinkle Islands is available for free for a limited time. It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 293 ratings.

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzleosaurus ($0.99 → Free, 45.6 MB): This jigsaw puzzle app will transport your little ones back in time. They're able to put together eight different dinosaur puzzles piece by piece. The app features two modes, beginner and advanced, to ensure everyone can participate. As each piece is placed properly, your child will be rewarded with a dinosaur sound. Once the puzzle is complete, they can learn all about the dinosaur's size, weight, diet, and location. The app also includes a random puzzle mode.

Dinosaur Jigsaw Puzzles - Puzzleosaurus is available for free today only (09/06). It has a 4.5-star rating with a total of 8 ratings.


Art in Motion ($2.99 → Free, 1.1 MB): Put your art into motion with this entertainment app. You're able to add orbs to the scene by touching anywhere on the screen. You can also add orbs by tapping and flicking them, and then watch as they collide. Orbs respond to the tilt of your iPad as well. You're able to customize the color, type, size, bounce rate, and friction of your orbs to personalize your scene even further. The app comes preloaded with 20 scenes to get you started. It also includes support for up to 10 fingers on the screen at once, TV-out support, and the ability to save your favorite scenes.

Art in Motion is available for free for a limited time. It has a 3.5-star rating with a total of 245 ratings.

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