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Apple Probably Needs An Entirely New Product For Retail Traffic To Increase

Apple Probably Needs An Entirely New Product For Retail Traffic To Increase

October 31, 2013
People are still visiting Apple retail stores in huge numbers. Still, those numbers aren’t increasing nearly as quickly as they once did, according to a new Asymco survey. In fiscal 2013, there were 395 million visits to Apple retail stores. In 2012, this number was 372 million. This sounds like a nice increase year over year, until you realize that visits are heavily tied to the number of Apple stores worldwide. Last year, 21 new stores opened, which was plenty to justify the increase in total visitors. Asymco notes that the number of visitors to Apple stores per quarter has remained largely the same, except for seasonal peaks, for over three years. Since mid-2010, that number has hovered around 240,000 per quarter for each store. From 2007 through 2010, traffic also remained fairly consistent, at an average of 160,000 visits per quarter and store. So why the bump? The iPad arrived in April 2010. In other words, in order for Apple to increase traffic on a store by store basis, they probably need to release a new product. They note:
Let’s remember also the comment from Ron Johnson at the time of the iPad launch. He said that it was as if the stores were designed for a product like the iPad. In other words, the iPad is something that needs to be discovered with a retail experience. You can sense this when you visit the stores and the placement of the iPads within.
Apple recently hired former Burberry CEO Angela Ahrendts to head its retail and online stores. At the same time, Apple is rumored to be working on an "iWatch" and "iTV," both products which could be released in 2014. Coincidence? Probably not. See also: Introducing Apple's Newest Hire Angela Ahrendts In One Amazing Video'Plentiful' Stocks Of iPad Air Begin Arriving In Apple Stores Ahead Of Nov. 1 Launch, and Apple Records A $7.5 Billion Profit In The Fourth Quarter Of 2013.

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