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Apple’s iOS 7 Control Center Comes To Mac With Controls+

It’s About Time Products” has announced the availability of Controls+ for Mac. The application brings iOS 7 Control Center features to OS X devices. Available in the Mac App Store, Controls+ is a simple, yet powerful application that resides on the menu bar. With it, users are able to adjust a number of settings, including a Mac’s brightness, and wallpaper. With one click, Controls+ also includes the ability to start a screensaver. Like Control Center in iOS, Controls+ also offers access to a “flashlight.” In this case, the feature turns the screen white, which is great for video chatting in a dark room. Control+ also includes a timer and stopwatch that were designed to look like those same features in iOS 7. Finally, the application offers iTunes controls, including the ability to view album covers, as well as song and artist titles. You can also adjust volume, play/pause, and next/previous. According to developer Saied G, who recently spoke with AppAdvice, more features are coming to Control+ soon. "We can't wait to see where this goes," he said. I’ve been using a prerelease version of Control+ and like it a lot. It isn’t showy, but that is the point. The objective behind Control+ is to help users save a little bit of time each day when performing certain tasks – no more, no less. Controls+ for Mac comes highly recommended. It is available for a limited time for $0.99, or 80 percent off its regular price of $4.99. See also: Must Read: ‘70 iOS 7 And Legacy Tips, Tricks & Secrets’ [gallery columns="4"]
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