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Delivery Status touch 5.0 Features iOS 7 Redesign Plus Shipload Of Improvements

Delivery Status touch 5.0 Features iOS 7 Redesign Plus Shipload Of Improvements

October 25, 2013
Delivery Status touch has just been updated to version 5.0 and redesigned for iOS 7. Developed by Notefile creator Junecloud, Delivery Status touch is one of the best iOS apps for tracking packages, included as it is in AppAdvice's Shipment Status Apps AppList. As mentioned, Delivery Status touch 5.0 introduces a new design that, of course, matches the look and feel of iOS 7. And along with its iOS 7 redesign, the update also adds support for background notifications on iOS 7, so you can be instantly notified of changes with your deliveries. Also on iOS 7, Delivery Status touch offers faster barcode scanning and support for sharing via text and AirDrop. The latest update to Delivery Status touch also brings calendar support, enabling you to optionally add estimated delivery dates to your calendar. In addition, Delivery Status touch lets you search your deliveries in a number of ways: by item name, tracking number, shipping company, current status, and other parameters. It also lets you sort by last updated in addition to by delivery date or by date added. Also, in Delivery Status touch 5.0, deliveries are now archived rather than deleted. Moreover, you can now sync your deliveries with either iCloud or Junecloud sync. Note, though, that if you need to sync with the app's Mac version, Junecloud recommends using its proprietary syncing service for now. Delivery Status touch 5.0 also includes the following enhancements:
  • Improved efficiency. For example, manually refreshing will skip deliveries that were just updated, and deliveries that haven't changed in a while will update less often.
  • When a countdown is over 99 days, it will now display in months.
  • Favorites now sync with iCloud (even if you're using Junecloud to sync deliveries).
  • You can now use the return key to cycle through the settings when you're adding a delivery, for faster entry.
  • 1Password integration helps you easily look up your passwords.
  • Web pages now have a back button, plus an option to copy the link or open it in Safari.
  • When you're viewing the delivery details, you can now tap a numbered item to show that shipment in the main list.
  • If you edit an "Other" delivery and add a tracking number, Delivery Status will now try to guess which service it is.
  • Improved searching of the services list: more services are marked as EMS, and "other" is now shown if there are no matches.
Also including other improvements and optimizations, Delivery Status touch 5.0 is available now as a free update or as a new $4.99 download. The newly updated app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 6.0 or later. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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