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Ember For Mac Updated With iCloud Support And New Colors Feature

Ember For Mac Updated With iCloud Support And New Colors Feature

October 23, 2013

Ember for Mac is an app that is basically a digital scrapbooking app that has a clean and intuitive interface so that anyone can use it. We’ve covered it a few times before, and today we have more news to share.

For those who are unfamiliar with the app, it gives you the option to store photos, images, drawings, sketches, screenshots, websites, and any other visual source of inspiration. You can organize everything by sorting them in manual collections, or you can make Smart Collections that will automatically filter in items based on your parameters, and everything can be tagged. A full in-app browser makes it easy to capture entire webpages, and it has a nifty menubar icon that gives you quick access to creating new snaps from anywhere. If you’re low on muses, Ember’s Subscriptions feature makes it easy to easily follow some popular designer websites for images, or you can add your own sources. The last update brought in Smart Drawing, which detected shapes as you freely drew on snaps to mark them up.

And now that we’ve had Mavericks released for free to the masses yesterday, Ember has been updated to version 1.2 with some notable new additions. Please note that this version requires Mavericks to work.

First, if you have multiple Macs, and want to use Ember on all of them but don’t feel like migrating your library over manually, fret not! Ember now has full iCloud support, so your entire library can be stored in your account and accessible from any other Mac with Ember.

The other notable feature is Colors. This new addition has the app analyze the images that are in your library, making it possible to search for something just by typing in the color you’re looking for. For example, just type in “Dark Blue” to bring up all images that have dark blue in them. The other option is to use the color picker when building a Smart Collection.

We’ve been following closely along with the progress of Ember for Mac, and it’s been on a steady pace so far, making the simple, yet powerful, app even more enjoyable.

Version 1.2 is a free update to existing customers who are running Mavericks on their Mac. If you don’t already have Ember, you can get it from the Mac App Store for $49.99.

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