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Oops, Conan Fan Tells The Comedian He Can’t Install iOS 7 On His iPhone 3GS

October 15, 2013
Poor Conan O’Brien really doesn’t like to be proven wrong. In a recent Fan Correction segment of his late-night talk show, viewer 4893McLovin (yes, really) informs the comedian that he can’t install iOS 7 on his ancient iPhone 3GS. But O’Brien counters by showing a moment of the iOS 7 WWDC keynote that you probably don’t remember from a fake Eddy Cue. Here’s the complete video. Click here if you can’t see it. Poor 4893McLovin. And if you’ll look closely, it even looks like the real Cue was in the audience to cheer on the segment. I think Conan’s earned enough money to finally upgrade to the iPhone 5s. Maybe Apple created the golden colored handset especially for him.

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