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Preorder ZooGue's iPad Air Cases And Get 30 Percent Off Their Regular Prices

Preorder ZooGue's iPad Air Cases And Get 30 Percent Off Their Regular Prices

October 31, 2013
Apple is set to launch the iPad Air tomorrow, Nov. 1. Given its impressive lightness, thinness, and speediness, the device is expected to draw a lot of buyers. Among these buyers, many are likely to be on the lookout for cases for their brand spanking new tablets. And if you happen to be one of them, we suggest you take a look at ZooGue's iPad Air case promo. Under the promo, ZooGue is slashing 30 percent off on preorders of its iPad Air cases. ZooGue currently offers two types of cases for the iPad Air. There's the iPad Air Case Prodigy:
The professional iPad Air Case Prodigy offers protection, durability and convenience. It is the perfect case to use while traveling, at the office, on the couch or even in bed. With its 6 secure magnetic angles you will never have to hassle with your iPad falling over.
And then there's the iPad Air Case Genius Pro:
This leather iPad Air Case Genius Pro is the only iPad Case on the market that allows you to adjust to absolutely any angle securely with it's patent pending velcro design. It also provides an adjustable strap on the back which allows you to mount your iPad to a car headrest, or just about anywhere else. The iPad Air Case Genius Pro has an authentic leather exterior & microfiber interior.
Preorders of ZooGue's iPad Air cases are estimated to ship by Dec. 16 and to be delivered to customers by Dec. 19. They're guaranteed to be delivered on or before Dec. 24. To avail of ZooGue's 30-percent-off deal, just use the promo code iPadAir30 when preordering the iPad Air Case Prodigy, the iPad Air Case Genius Pro, or both.

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