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Review: The Snugg’s Suede Pouch Case Offers Stylish iPhone Protection

Review: The Snugg’s Suede Pouch Case Offers Stylish iPhone Protection

October 18, 2013
Company: The Snugg Product: Snugg iPhone 5s Suede Pouch Case in Tan Price: $19.99 Compatibility: iPhone 4 onwards Date: Oct. 18, 2013 Choosing a new iPhone handset - even one that comes in different colors - is easy, compared with the ensuing somewhat laborious mission of picking a suitable case. Of course, compatibility isn’t really a problem; case makers have been careful to accommodate for the relatively minor design changes made in the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and as such there are plenty of options on the market. The difficult task, rather, is choosing a case that strikes a perfect balance - a balance that is unique to individual users - between style, protection, and affordability. Though some merely settle for a screen protector or skin, at the other end of the spectrum, more cautious users go the whole hog and slap an OtterBox on their iPhone. For me, at least, I knew that I’d need a case for my iPhone 5s (even if I held off on purchasing one for a couple of weeks). However, I knew also that I didn’t want my iPhone case to be a permanent fixture. Apple’s official iPhone 5s Case, then, wasn’t an option; early reports indicated that the leather offering, though impressive, was difficult to remove once applied. At the same time I was reluctant to use a snap-on iPhone case, or even a case that placed plastic - or, dare it be said, metal - in direct contact with the handset’s antenna. Believe it or not, Apple’s own iPhone Bumper scuffed my iPhone 4’s antenna a few years back, and since then I’ve tried hard to avoid a repeat situation with any similar case or bumper. As such, I soon decided that a high-quality pouch was the way to go: it would offer a degree of protection, while also allowing me to slip out the iPhone 5s and use it the way Jony Ive intended. After all, who’d want to cover up the handset’s stunning design? The Snugg offers a wide range of iPhone cases, but its suede pouch caught my eye. For the last week, I’ve been using its “Snugg iPhone 5s Suede Pouch Case in Tan,” and so far I couldn’t be happier.

The Product

The Snugg’s suede iPhone 5s pouch, then, allows users to slip their handset into the case and to remove it using a pull-tab. As the company’s name indicates, the pouch indeed offers a “snug” fit, and the soft material of its interior ensures that no superficial damage will be done to the iPhone while housed. The pouch is also reinforced, and as such I’d expect the iPhone 5s to survive a fall or drop easily; the snug fit also means that the handset would likely remain within the pouch during the fall, unless you were unlucky. Fortunately, removing the iPhone from its pouch is easy, thanks to its elasticated pull-tab. In addition, this tab is magnetized, meaning it’ll remain attached to the case itself when not in use. I’m hoping, of course, that this elasticated tab isn’t going to snap at some point, but if it does The Snugg promises to have you covered: its cases come with a lifetime guarantee as part of the “Snugg Promise,” indicating that the manufacturer will replace a case if its pull tab does indeed snap off. The craftsmanship is impressive and the stitching, which lines the pouch and its pull-tab, is precise. Furthermore, there’s a space for the handset’s speakers, meaning you’ll be able to listen to music without earphones or headphones easily, regardless of which way round you house the iPhone. On the front of the case is The Snugg’s logo (“Snugg”), but this is embossed onto the suede pouch and isn’t too noticeable. There’s also an “S” imprinted at the head of the case and on the pull-tab, though as mentioned, these aren’t much of a distraction. Though the pouch works well as an iPhone case, it also allows users to store credit cards or slips of paper in a space provided on the front of the product. This is indeed useful, however prospective customers should note that removing a couple of credit cards, once inserted, can be a difficult and somewhat embarrassing task (especially if you attempt to do so, unsuccessfully, while face-to-face with a supermarket cashier). Instead, The Snugg’s case works perfectly as a pouch, and no additional functionality is required. If you've been searching for an unobtrusive, removable case for your iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, or iPhone 5c, look no further. Available in a total of 12 different colors, The Snugg’s Suede Pouch Case is a great product and one we’d highly recommend.

What's Hot

  • It looks great
  • It fits the handset well
  • It is lined with soft material
  • It is reinforced
  • The pull-tab allows for quick release
  • Space for the handset's speakers

What's Not

  • It's difficult to store credit cards

Our Advice 

Though the item may not offer total iPhone protection, if you’ve been searching for a high quality pouch for your handset, this could be it. The Snugg’s Suede Pouch Case is stylish, durable, and well-made, and if you decide to purchase the product, we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.


Aesthetic Appeal: ★★★★★ Wow Factor: ★★★☆☆ Build Quality: ★★★★★ Value: ★★★★☆ Buy Now: $19.99 from The Snugg [gallery]

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