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The iPhone 5s Sensor Woes Are Apparently Cured With iOS 7.0.3

The iPhone 5s Sensor Woes Are Apparently Cured With iOS 7.0.3

October 23, 2013
If you haven’t installed iOS 7.0.3 yet, we’ve got another reason for you to start downloading. The update, which arrived yesterday, apparently solves the sensor issues that were plaguing the iPhone 5s. That’s according to Venture Beat, who did some hands-on testing to confirm:
The far phone is my iPhone 5, reading .2 degrees off level. I haven’t yet update it to iOS 7.03. The middle phone, the iPhone 5S, is upgraded to 7.03, and now reads .1 degrees off level. That’s an acceptably minor degree of error, if it is, or a tiny variation in the surface of table they’re both sitting on, due to their slightly different positions. The nearest iPhone is Apple’s iPhone 5C, which I have not yet updated to 7.03, and it is still displaying the kind of error that the iPhone 5S was experiencing before the software update.
News of the issues first cropped up in early October. Testing by Gizmodo showed that the level feature in the Compass app, the gyroscope, and Compass app’s compass itself were all off by a substantial amount. While that might not sound like a huge issue, it could cause a major amount pain for gamers who enjoy tilt-based titles. Last week developer RealityCap dedicated an interesting blog post to the issue. The company speculated that a new accelerometer manufacturer was the root cause behind the problems. You can download iOS 7.0.3 by going to Settings, General, Software Update on an iOS device or by syncing with iTunes. Along with the sensor issues, the software fixes well-publicized issues with iMesssage and restores iCloud Keychain.

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