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Yelp 7.2 Introduces More Streamlined Navigation Scheme And Other UI Tweaks

Yelp 7.2 Introduces More Streamlined Navigation Scheme And Other UI Tweaks

October 12, 2013
The popular local search and review app Yelp has just received what may be one of its biggest updates yet on iOS, or at least on iPhone. "The government shut down may have ground Washington to a halt, but it hasn't slowed down the Yelp Mobile team," says Yelp in the release notes for the update, which brings the app to version 7.2. "We put aside our differences and reached across the aisle (separating our desks) to collaborate on what may be one of our biggest iPhone updates to date!" Indeed, this new update is mainly devoted to introducing a new navigation menu for the app's iPhone (and iPod touch) edition. Gone is the rather navigation scheme of old, which consists of a bottom bar for Home, Nearby, Search, Bookmarks, and Check-Ins, with the Home tab itself containing options for Nearby, Bookmarks, and Check In, among others. In its stead is a more streamlined bottom bar comprising tabs for Nearby, Search, About Me, and More, with a center button that opens a Path-like post menu for adding a check-in, review, or photo. As mentioned, the change in navigation menu is applicable to Yelp for iPhone and iPod touch only, But on iPad as well as iPhone and iPod touch, the new update also applies some UI tweaks, including larger notification photos, better scrolling performance, and improved icons and animations. Yelp 7.2 is available now in the App Store for free. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 5.0 or later. Yelp 7.0 and Yelp 7.1 were released last August and last September, respectively. The former introduced, at long last, support for adding reviews right from the iOS app just by visiting any business page and tapping “add review,” while the latter introduced a new photo viewer and a new search filter interface. Yelp is listed as an “essential app” in our Local Advice Apps AppGuide and as a “notable app” in our Best Restaurant Finders AppGuide. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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