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YouTube App Updated With iOS 7 Improvements And New Video Quality Options

I was worried when Apple ditched its YouTube app back in iOS 6. The thought of Google developing a YouTube app of its own seemed like a scary idea. Thankfully, Google has been doing a great job building and maintaining its official YouTube app for iOS. YouTube’s iOS app has been updated with a few improvements including iOS 7 compatibility fixes. Probably the most notable feature of this update is the ability to set a specific video quality when playing video over Wi-Fi. This new feature also works when you're tethered to another device. In my opinion, it would be great to have this option available for those on a cellular connection. [caption id="attachment_475289" align="aligncenter" width="169"] No video quality options over a cellular connection.[/caption] Users will have the option to set the quality of each video by tapping on the upper right dotted menu overlaying the video playback. Unfortunately, there’s no way to set the overall video quality of the app, but this is a start. Maybe in the future we’ll have the ability to set a specific playback quality that can be used across all videos played within the app. The App Store description also mentions “accessibility improvements” as another aspect to this update. If we find any other new features, we’ll be sure to update this article. Google’s YouTube app is available for free in the App Store.
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