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AppsGoneFree Goes All Out On Its iOS 7 Icon, Gains Additional Improvements

AppsGoneFree Goes All Out On Its iOS 7 Icon, Gains Additional Improvements

November 22, 2013
Just three weeks after the last one, we've already come out with a new update to your favorite "best daily top app deals" app, AppsGoneFree. The previous update was a major step in that it effectively paved the way for AppsGoneFree's full iOS 7 redesign. One of the things that the update brought was a new plaid icon. As it turned out, though, it didn't fly with most AppsGoneFree users. And so, with the latest update to the app, we present to you a newer and flatter app icon:
It seems our last icon change started quite a controversy. We know some of you out there didn't care for the new ‘plaid’ design. Here is the issue with the icon. We loved our original icon, but yeah, it was not 'iOS 7y' and many were asking for a new flatter icon. We wanted to save the 'flat' version of our icon for the upcoming complete UI refresh of the app (aka The Flat Update). In the meantime we figured that we should take a step away from full fabric and go plaid in honor of iOS turns out that plaid is just not in right now... So we are bringing out the flat icon early, with a special thanks going to Daniel van Vliet (@ihaz3) for designing our new iOS 7 icon! We truly believe there is a lot more to an app than an icon, but the icon is the front door and is important. We hope you like the new icon. Here's to flat!
Also, with this new update, we changed the app's home screen label to Appsgonefree, sans "FREE" emoji:
So our last update also introduced an emoji into the app name. And no, we didn't do this because we have a thing for emojis, well not anymore than the average iOS user. We made the change because with the introduction of iOS 7, "AppsGoneFree"" no longer fit, it was "AppsGonef..." So we struggled with what to do, and found with the "Free" emoji we could still fit the proper and entire name. The AGF community also spoke out that this was not a good experience, and to be honest, we agreed. We finally found out that if removed some of the capitalization our name would fit. So we have a capital first letter and the rest of the words are all lower case. It's still a compromise, but a better one we think. That was most likely way more info than you cared to know.
In addition to these iOS 7-related optimizations, we included more iOS 7 interface improvements (e.g. no more stitching on the launch screen), added issue sections to the iPad edition, implemented more country localizations, and delivered some bug fixes. Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 5.1 or later, the new version of AppsGoneFree is available now in the App Store. For free, of course.

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