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Boldly Go Where No Sandbox Gamer Has Gone Before In The Sandbox's New Campaign

Boldly Go Where No Sandbox Gamer Has Gone Before In The Sandbox's New Campaign

November 17, 2013

After treating you to a Robocalyptic campaign, The Sandbox now invites you to play a new campaign that, in a manner of speaking, is out of this world.

The popular powder-and-falling-sand game has just received another major update. And this update introduces a new Alien Invasion campaign:

By studying a fallen meteor, the humans discover the Aluminite, a new element that could change the life on earth… a new hope for humanity that comes from outer space! It’s now up to YOU to travel through the galaxy to find their origin.

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Spanning 10 intergalactic levels, the new Alien Invasion campaign dares you to boldly go where no sandbox gamer has gone before: the Aluminite mine fields of an uncharted planet.

Of course, being a stranger in a strange land means facing unfamiliar dangers. In The Sandbox's case, they include the weird space plants Xenovine and Mushboom as well as peaceful Piranthas, which evolve into carnivorous Stingers.

But don’t worry. To help you get around the daunting task of traveling through the galaxy and mining Aluminites, you can use the new gravity-defying SpaceMan powder and the terrain-conquering Lunar Lander.

Also including a new app icon, new space sounds, various bug fixes, and support for sharing achievements on Facebook, the new version of The Sandbox is available now in the App Store for free. The game is compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad running iOS 4.3 or later.

Released in May 2012, The Sandbox earned an AppAdvice Game of the Week honorable mention. For more information on the game, check out our original review.

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