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Brrr! Go On An Arctic Eggspedition With Angry Birds Seasons' New Icy Levels

Brrr! Go On An Arctic Eggspedition With Angry Birds Seasons' New Icy Levels

November 30, 2013
Angry Birds Seasons has just received a really "cool" update. The seasonally aware entry in the wildly popular Angry Birds franchise is inviting you to go on an Arctic Eggspedition:
Pack your bags for an Arctic Eggspedition with 25 festive, frosty, and fun-filled levels! Plus 4 bonus levels! Things get a bit chilly as you fling the birds through the cold air and under the icy waters for a surprise attack!
The 25 new levels actually make up Angry Birds Seasons' advent calendar, with one level corresponding to one day before Christmas. What's more, you can play four bonus levels if you happen to be less naughty than nice, that is, nice at playing the game's physics-based puzzles. The latest update to Angry Birds Seasons also introduces a new icy Arctic theme. Here you can carry out an underwater attack by flinging the titular feathered fiends under the icy Arctic waters and up toward the bad piggies. Angry Birds Seasons for iPhone and Angry Birds Seasons HD for iPad are available in the App Store for $0.99 and $2.99, respectively. Angry Birds Seasons received its previous major update back in May. That update added new levels, a new carnival theme, and a new gameplay element in the form of magical portals. Just a few days ago, the original Angry Birds game was updated with new levels featuring a "shocking" new power for Bomb bird. Also, the Angry Birds Go! kart racer was soft-launched in the New Zealand App Store ahead of its worldwide release on Dec. 11.

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