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Easily Improve Your Writing By Winning A Copy Of WriteRight

AppAdvice has once again teamed up with Word Magic Software in order to offer you a chance to win a copy of WriteRight ($4.99) for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch. In most software, automatic spelling correction and grammar alerts are quite unsophisticated, pointing out the most frequent mistakes and providing simple fixes for single words. However, Word Magic Software is proving that these valuable tools can go beyond such limitations. Designed as a basic word processor, or plain text editor, WriteRight forfeits page formatting, font styles, image insertion, etc in order to focus on linguistics. Unlike similar offerings, this app's English and Spanish-optimized advanced language engine not only repairs typos, it makes intelligent replacements and recommendations for individual words and even common phrases, adjusting tense, gender, and number accordingly. Utilizing the smart thesaurus is done two different ways. Single word suggestions are initiated via a tap-and-hold atop the word, then tapping on the "S" or "A" button in the extended keyboard toolbar. To ensure proper substitution, you must choose the appropriate meaning before proceeding to the list of synonyms or antonyms. If you want a phrase or expression change recommendation, just tap on the cog icon. When enabled, little gears may pop-up throughout the page. These blue pinions sit before the group of words to indicate an available alternatives. Simply tap on the cog to see the suggestions. Select one and move along. If we go back to the toolbars for a moment, you'll notice a few other functions yet. Also on the extended keyboard layout is a magnifying glass to enter search and replace mode, arrows at the edges to allow single character cursor control, curved arrows representing undo and redo when no text has been selected, and that button in the middle to hide the keyboard. In fact, tap it and gain access to the top toolbar. At the top of the screen, there are buttons to enter the file system, share your work, activate page preview mode, and create a new document. During preview mode, the font style becomes streamlined and the keyboard disabled, allowing far easier reading and page navigation. Created for today's connected world, the file system relies solely on cloud storage. By default, all documents are saved to a color-coded, organized iCloud bin but Dropbox remains an option. Therefore, as long as you have a stable Internet connection, everything is securely saved in addition to quickly and conveniently synchronized across devices. To have an opportunity at randomly winning one of five WriteRight promo codes, leave a relevant comment below before Nov. 15 at 11:59 p.m. PST. Only one entry per person is allowed. Please be sure to also check your junk email boxes so that you won't miss out if you win. [gallery]
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