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FiftyThree Unveils Its Pencil Stylus, A Perfect Match For The Paper App

FiftyThree Unveils Its Pencil Stylus, A Perfect Match For The Paper App

November 19, 2013
It’s official – Pencil is here to meet Paper. FiftyThree, developer of the popular Paper app for the iPad, has just unveiled its own aptly named Pencil stylus. While we first got wind of the new hardware last month, it looks to be even more impressive than I first thought. Here’s a quick video about the stylus. Click here if you can’t see it. Along with palm rejection, users of the Paper app can take advantage of the built-in eraser and unique Blend mode. Even though the stylus uses Bluetooth 4.0, there are no difficult pairing steps involved - simply press the stylus tip to the iPad screen with the Paper app running. Pencil’s battery should last for around a month under normal use. It can be charged via any USB port in under 90 minutes. And as a nice advantage, the Pencil will also work with other iPad apps as a non-connected stylus. There are two separate options for buyers to select from. A graphite black model is $49.95 while a stylus made with walnut will set you back $59.95. The walnut version features a magnetic snap that will attach to an Apple Smart Cover. Orders placed now in the United States and Canada will ship in two to three weeks. FiftyThree promises that all U.S. orders placed before Friday, Dec. 6 will arrive in time for Christmas. The stylus is compatible with the third-generation iPad and up along with both versions of the iPad mini. If you’re a fan of the Paper app, I can’t imagine that you’ll be disappointed with the Pencil stylus. It’s obvious that FiftyThree put in as much time designing the hardware as they did the excellent app. And price wise, the Pencil is less expensive than other recently announced options like the Adonit Jot Script Evernote Edition. I’m looking forward to seeing how Pencil works with Paper and other iPad apps.

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