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Find Your iPad Air Right Now Using The Apple Tracker

Find Your iPad Air Right Now Using The Apple Tracker

November 4, 2013
One look at Apple’s online store, and it is clear that Cupertino is doing a great job of keeping up with the demand for the iPad Air. In the U.S. store, for example, new iPad Air orders are shipping within 24 hours, regardless of model. If you want a specific model right now, however, supplies are a little bit more constrained, depending on the Apple retail store location. Thankfully, the popular iPhone Checker site is now called Apple Tracker. As a result, the site now shows currently available iPhone 5s and iPad Air models by Apple retail store location. Created by developer Mordy Tikotzky, the free site displays the availability of iOS devices at the 20 Apple stores nearest a given U.S. Zip code. To search for an iPad Air, simply enter your preferred color (space gray or silver), and carrier (Wi-Fi only, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, or T-Mobile). If the iPad Air you want is available, Tikotzky suggests ordering it online and selecting the pickup option at checkout. He notes:
  1. Do NOT call the store (they'll probably tell you that they don't have any)
  2. Do NOT go into the store (they'll also tell you that they don't have any)
  3. Go to the Apple website at
  4. Configure the iPad Air as shown here
  5. Choose "Check availability" (it's in the bottom of the Summary box on the right side of the screen)
  6. Enter your zip code
  7. Select the store that has it available (you may have to click next on the bottom of the list of stores)
  8. Press the blue "Select Store" button
  9. Press the green "Continue" button (also in the summary box)
  10. Continue the checkout process as normal
  11. Make sure that it still shows available when completing your purchase
Apple Tracker will soon add the ability to check inventory for the iPad mini with Retina display. That model could launch as early as Nov. 21. Have you purchased an iPad Air? If so, which model did you select?

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