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Paprika Recipe Manager's iOS 7 Update Is Filled With A Lot Of Nice Ingredients

Paprika Recipe Manager's iOS 7 Update Is Filled With A Lot Of Nice Ingredients

November 19, 2013

The popular recipe management app Paprika has just received its biggest update for both its iPad and iPhone editions.

The update, which brings both Paprika Recipe Manager for iPad and Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone to version 2.0, is itself a recipe filled with nice ingredients.

First and foremost, Paprika has been fully updated for iOS 7. Of course, this means that the app has been redesigned based on the visual style of the operating system. In addition, it has been improved with fixes for several database issues related to iOS 7.

The latest update to Paprika also enhances the frequency and efficiency of the app’s proprietary Cloud Sync feature, which seamlessly syncs recipes, grocery lists, and meal plans across devices.

Given that it's, above all, a recipe manager, Paprika has also been updated with improvements to make recipe management easier:

  • To make it easier to cook multiple recipes at the same time, you can now pin active recipes to easily switch between them.
  • Timers are now automatically detected in your directions. Simply tap on one to start a new timer. We display up to 3 active timers on iPad and the most recent timer on iPhone counting down in the toolbar.
  • AirDrop support has been added for sharing recipes with your friends and family.
  • Recipe printing has been greatly improved. You can now customize: print sizes (full page, 4x6 index cards, 3x5 index cards), print margins, font size, and disable the photo.
  • The ingredients/directions keyboard shortcut bar is now customizable and supports autocompletion of numbers, quantities, and ingredients. This makes it much easier to add new ingredients to a recipe.
  • From the main recipes list, you can now tap and hold a recipe to access quick actions.
  • If your recipe was clipped from a website, and it has an image, you can now tap the image in order to zoom in on a larger version of it.

The latest update to Paprika also comes with a long list of improvements for its categories, browser, grocery list, pantry, meal planner, menus, and importers. Make sure to check out the update’s full changelog in the App Store to find out what these goodies are.

Compatible with devices running iOS 7.0 or later, Paprika Recipe Manager 2.0 and Paprika Recipe Manager for iPhone 2.0 are available now in the App Store as free updates or as new downloads for $4.99 each.

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