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Review: Carry All Your Apple Products In Style Using Cabana Origin

Review: Carry All Your Apple Products In Style Using Cabana Origin

November 24, 2013
Company: HEX Product: Cabana Origin Price: $79.95 Compatibility: MacBook (up to 15-inches), iPhone (all models), iPad (all models), iPod touch (all models), and accessories Date: Nov. 24, 2013 In this review, we take a look at HEX’s Cabana Origin: an all-in-one backpack that promises to house a laptop, iPad, one’s iDevice-related accessories, and more, while still maintaining a stylish form factor and design.

The Product

Cabana Origin is a waxed canvas backpack that offers fleece-lined storage compartments specifically designed to fit a MacBook Pro (up to the 15-inch model) and an iPad. It promises to resist water, meaning users should have little fear wearing and using Cabana Origin in the rain, and sections of the backpack - such as its zip pulls - are made from real leather. For this review, I tested Cabana Origin using a MacBook Pro with Retina display (the 13-inch model) and an iPad Air. The first aspect I noticed when using Cabana Origin is that the backpack is indeed a stylish offering. Its horizontal- and vertical-lined design contrasts well against both the leather zip pulls and the dark material of the zip itself, as does the fabric handle at the top of the backpack. Also impressive is the storage size offered by Cabana Origin. Admittedly, it is rather on the large side, and it’s bigger than any backpack I’ve used or tested before. Yet the size of the backpack doesn’t encroach on the monstrous; at the same time, owning a larger-sized backpack also has its share of positives. Namely, owners will find that they’re able to store a huge amount in the backpack, besides the prescribed MacBook Pro and iPad. This is because both the Mac and iPad sections of the backpack use space efficiently, allowing users to house a large amount of gear in Cabana Origin’s main compartment. As with most laptop backpacks, Cabana Origin allows users to slide their MacBook Pro into a dedicated section at the back of the backpack, and the laptop can be secured using a velcro strap. Because Cabana Origin is designed to accomodate both 13- and 15-inch MacBook Pro models, owners of the 13-inch laptop (like myself) will find that the fit isn’t as snug as one might like. But the padded surround in this section of Cabana Origin ensures that if the MacBook Pro does slide while housed within the backpack, it won’t be damaged. Cabana Origin’s iPad compartment is actually on the front of the backpack, in a separate pocket. There is room to fit a 9.7-inch iPad (such as Apple’s iPad Air) in this space, but if you’re using a bulky case or sleeve, you could find that the fit is rather too snug for comfort. In fact, while housing my case-equipped iPad in this compartment, I’ve found that removing the tablet can prove difficult. Naturally, at the same time I don’t quite feel comfortable placing a case-less iPad in this section of the backpack. As such, I’ve been continuing to house my iPad within its case, while storing it in Cabana Origin’s aforementioned main compartment (a solution that works well). This main compartment, then, allows users to store cables, chargers, clothes, or whatever they wish. Both the MacBook and iPad compartments offer padding and protection, and so users need not worry about having their laptop or tablet scratched by the contents of Cabana Origin’s main compartment. The backpack’s fleece-lined interior will also ensure that Cabana Origin isn’t going to accidentally damage the items it houses. Finally, a number of dedicated pockets - such as an organizer for pens and pencils - allow users to store smaller, miscellaneous items for easy access in Cabana Origin. As mentioned, Cabana Origin features a water-resistant outer coating, and after having used the backpack in the rain I can confirm that the interior remained dry. Of course, the backpack is water-resistant, and not waterproof; as such, it can offer protection from the elements but only to a certain degree. All in all, I’m pleased with Cabana Origin. If you’re looking for a big backpack that can house and protect your MacBook Pro, iPad, and a whole lot more, this is a great option. It’s less expensive than some competing items (and better looking, too), and the high quality of the backpack makes it worth the investment.

What's Hot

  • Cabana Origin looks good
  • It offers dedicated compartments for MacBook and iPad
  • It offers a large main compartment for additional items
  • Its interior is fleece-lined, padded, and protects items stored
  • Its exterior is water resistant

What's Not

  • The dedicated iPad compartment is a snug fit, and may not support a case-equipped 9.7-inch tablet
  • The backpack is rather on the large size

Our Advice

Cabana Origin is a great all-round backpack, and if you're looking for a big backpack that can house a lot of items, look no further.


Aesthetic Appeal: ★★★★☆ Wow Factor: ★★★☆☆ Build Quality: ★★★★★ Value: ★★★★★ Buy Now: $79.95 from HEX [gallery]