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Samsung Hoped To Stay Apple Patent Damages Trial, But Judge Denies

Samsung Hoped To Stay Apple Patent Damages Trial, But Judge Denies

November 26, 2013
In a desperate move, Samsung hoped to stay its patent trial versus Apple, however a federal judge has instead ordered the South Korean company to pay up the $290 million in damages it owes the Cupertino, Calif. iPhone- and iPad-maker. The news reached us from CNET, which explained that Samsung's emergency motion was rejected late Monday evening by California District Court Judge Lucy Koh. The article from CNET explains:
Samsung argued that the trial should be put on hold because the US Patent Office was questioning the validity of Apple patent No. 7,844,915, also known as "pinch to zoom." That particular patent, which covers a method by which users can bring their fingers together and separate them to create a zoom-in or zoom-out effect, is considered key because it's the only one for which Apple can collect money for lost revenue.
As a reminder, it was concluded earlier this month that $290 million in charges would need to be paid by Samsung, after a jury decided that the manufacturer indeed copied Apple's iPhone and iPad with a number of its products. Apple asked for $380 million while Samsung argued that it owned just $52 million. In the end, a $290 million fee was decided on, though this by no means signals the end of the Apple-Samsung patent dispute, which will likely continue for some time. In her decision to reject Samsung's appeal, Judge Koh explained:
If Samsung is truly concerned about efficiency, the court encourages Samsung to discuss with Apple an agreement to forgo post-trial motions so that the parties can expeditiously appeal this entire case to the Federal Circuit.
You can read through a PDF of Koh's response over at Scribd, and we'll let you know if this story develops further. In the meantime, see: Celebrate The Holidays With The Sims FreePlay's Festive Items And QuestsProcreate 2.0 Features iOS 7 Redesign, 64-Bit Support And Other Enhancements, and New Plague Inc. Mutation Introduces Challenging Strategy-Developing Scenarios.

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