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Amazon's New Kindle Fire HDX Ad Mocks None Other Than Jony Ive

Amazon's New Kindle Fire HDX Ad Mocks None Other Than Jony Ive

December 2, 2013
There's a brand new ad for the iPad-competing Kindle Fire HDX, and in it Amazon - who, after all, is no stranger to mocking Apple in its Kindle advertisements - pokes fun in the direction of none other than senior vice president of Design Jony Ive. In particular, the ad presents a faux Jony Ive and an Amazon representative discussing the differences between the iPad Air and Kindle Fire HDX. The notes for the ad's YouTube video highlight the points made in the advertisement:
Compare the all-new Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 to iPad Air. Kindle Fire HDX tablet has nearly 1 million more pixels on the 8.9" display, weighs 20% less than iPad Air, and starts at just $379 (compared to iPad Air's starting price of $499).
Most surprising, though, is Amazon's parody of Jony Ive's well-known narration, which usually accompanies each and every new iDevice launch in a dedicated online video. Throughout the advertisement, the faux Ive promotes aspects of the new iPad Air, only to be outdone by Amazon's sustained retorts.

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

What do you think? Given that the iPad is the most popular tablet on the market, it's no surprise the likes of Amazon and Microsoft are continuing to situate a crosshair over Apple's product. The Kindle Fire HDX has before been promoted as a promising alternative to the iPad Air, with Amazon advertising its product as being "lighter than Air" soon after Apple's new 9.7-inch tablet was announced. As a reminder, when it comes to Apple and Amazon's smaller tablets, the Kindle Fire HDX has a lot to boast about, also. Because according to a recent DisplayMate study, the display technology adopted by the iPad mini with Retina display is barely in the same league as that of the Kindle Fire HDX 7. Have you picked up an iPad Air or second-generation iPad mini yet, or are you planning on making a purchase in time for the holidays? In the U.S. Apple Online Store, the iPad Air is available to ship in five to seven business days, while the iPad mini with Retina display is shipping in five to 10 business days. Apple chief executive officer Tim Cook declared recently that he expects it to be an "iPad Christmas" this year, and since both the 9.7- and 7.9-inch tablets received a lot of interest on Black Friday alone, it seems this could indeed be the case. See also: Shelf Control: Download Wired And Other Condé Nast E-Zines For Free This Cyber MondayCelebrate The Holidays With The Robertsons In Duck Dynasty: Battle Of The Beards, and Fleksy 2.0 Features New Engine, Layout And Features For More Flexible Typing.

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