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Apple Posts New iOS Distribution Numbers: iOS 7 Adoption Rises To 78 Percent

Apple has just revealed a new set of numbers for the distribution of major iOS versions. And as noted by The Next Web, the numbers show that iOS 7 adoption is now at 78 percent. Through an update to its App Store Distribution webpage, Apple has posted a new pie chart representing the current distribution of major iOS versions among iOS devices as measured by the App Store during the 7-day period ended Dec. 30. The chart has iOS 7 adoption at 78 percent, iOS 6 at 18 percent, and earlier iOS versions at a combined 4 percent. Apple first posted numbers for iOS distribution based on App Store usage for the 7-day period ended Dec. 1, which had iOS 7 adoption at 74 percent, iOS 6 at 22 percent, and earlier iOS versions at 4 percent. Then, for the 7-day period ended Dec. 15, iOS 7 adoption was at 76 percent, iOS 6 at 20 percent, and earlier iOS version still at 4 percent. Apparently, iOS 7 is taking a 2-percent bite out of iOS 6's portion of the pie for every couple of weeks. Of course, the most recent rise in iOS 7 adoption may be largely due to the new iOS devices that were given and received over the holidays, which come preinstalled with iOS 7. It's worth noting that iOS 7 managed to reached its current level of adoption just over three months since its release.
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