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Five Jailbreak Tweaks That Will Help You Get The Most Out Of iOS 7

Five Jailbreak Tweaks That Will Help You Get The Most Out Of iOS 7

December 30, 2013
Thanks to the jailbreak release, we now have the ability to customize iOS 7. At this time, there aren't a lot of compatible tweaks, but the list is definitely growing. Along with new tweaks, a handful of older ones have also been updated to support iOS 7. At the time of this article, most tweaks will not work with Apple's latest devices. The compatibility issue is mainly due to Mobile Substrate lacking a much needed iOS 7/64-bit update, but hopefully that will be fixed in the near future. Mobile Substrate will work with the iPhone 5/5c and below, but unfortunately Apple’s iPhone 5s, iPad mini with Retina Display, and iPad Air are left out until everything is updated. That being said, if you'd like to get the most out of iOS 7, we've put together another video showcasing some of our favorite jailbreak tweaks. Check out the video below for an overview:

If you can't see the above video, please click this link.

All of these tweaks are available free of charge at the moment. FlipControlCenter is currently in a beta status, but don't worry, we haven't noticed any bugs with its current release. Here is a list of the tweaks mentioned in this video:
  • FlipControlCenter - Repository:
  • FlipLaunch - BigBoss Repository
  • Zeppelin - ModMyi Repository
  • DockShift - BigBoss Repository
  • NCAllOnly - BigBoss Repository
It's nice to see that the developer community is hard at work creating iOS 7 compatible tweaks. As I mentioned, the list is growing every day so it's important to keep an eye on the "Changes" tab in Cydia for future updates and releases. If you'd like to check out our last roundup, click here. What are your favorite iOS 7 jailbreak tweaks?

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