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Hello, Home! SmartThings Mobile Updated With iOS 7 Design And New Key Feature

Hello, Home! SmartThings Mobile Updated With iOS 7 Design And New Key Feature

December 6, 2013
SmartThings, the startup that aims to make "smart things" out of everyday objects in your connected home, has just issued a major update to its official iOS app, SmartThings Mobile. The latest update to SmartThings Mobile is a major one in that it introduces a new interface that is, as you might expect, designed for iOS 7. Simpler and easier to use, the new interface features the following enhancements, most of which have to do with the app's Dashboard:
  • Dashboard provides detailed information about what’s happening in your home at a glance
  • Four Dashboard categories make discovering and connecting SmartThings easier: Home & Family, Doors & Locks, Lights & Switches, and Damages & Dangers
  • Quickly discover what’s possible, and be inspired to use SmartThings in new and exciting ways
  • Simple setup through the Dashboard provides helpful instructions and an improved device-connecting experience
  • Easily create and control groups of lights in Lights & Switches, and control them with a single tap on a Shortcut from the Dashboard
  • Take complete control of your Doors & Locks with Shortcuts on the Dashboard
  • See a full history of the push notifications that SmartThings has sent you
  • You can still find all of your previously connected devices in Things, using the left menu
  • Any SmartApps that you previously installed are visible in Apps, using the left menu
If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. The new version of SmartThings Mobile also boasts a new key feature invitingly called "Hello, Home." "Hello, Home" lets you easily customize actions for and switch between Home, Away and Night modes. It also shows you the current and recent activity in your connected home through the Activity Feed. Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later, SmartThings Mobile is available in the App Store for free. [gallery link="file" order="DESC"]

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