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The Magazine Industry Celebrates A Small Victory As Digital Ad Revenues Climb

The number of ads purchased in 2013 for iPad editions of magazines climbed 16 percent, according to a new study from the Association of Magazine Media and Kantar Media. Don’t call this a comeback, at least not yet, says Mashable. Digital ads only account for 6.6 percent of magazine revenue. By contrast, print ads comprise more than half of magazine revenue. Here, things have remained largely unchanged year over year. For 2013, print ad revenue is down a fraction of a percent. As Mashable notes:
Digital growth is an encouraging sign for the industry, but is still unable to offset overall declines in revenue due to falling print sales and contracting circulations.
The biggest question is whether digital ad growth will help slow the contraction of the U.S. magazine industry. By 2017, the industry is expected to be worth $23 billion, down from $25 billion in 2012. See also: Op-Ed: Next Issue Needs To Show iOS And Mac Users More Love.
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