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Cydia Tweak: Bypass The Lock Screen Entirely Using SkipLock

Cydia Tweak: Bypass The Lock Screen Entirely Using SkipLock

January 7, 2014

Do you wish it was possible to bypass your iDevice’s Lock screen entirely? Then download SkipLock: a recently updated jailbreak tweak for iOS 7-powered iDevices developed by the popular Filippo Bigarella.

There are a number of reasons why users might find their Lock screen redundant. For one, it could be that your iDevice - an iPad, perhaps - never leaves the house, and that the process of unlocking the tablet is something of an annoyance. For another, it may be that all of your personal and important iOS applications are protected by another jailbreak tweak, such as BioLockdown, BioProtect, or AppLocker; in this sense, an additional Touch ID lock, a password, or a passcode seems pointless.

SkipLock is a jailbreak tweak that has been around for some time, but as iDownloadBlog explains, after iOS 7 reached our iDevices and evasi0n7 provided a jailbreak solution for the mobile OS, SkipLock broke. Fortunately, jailbreakers can now install an updated iteration of SkipLock on their iOS 7-powered iDevice.

Once download and installed, SkipLock does exactly what it says on the box: provided you haven’t got a passcode or Touch ID lock enabled on the handset, the jailbreak tweak will direct users straight over to their iDevice’s Home screen when the Home button is activated. It’s as simple as that.

Jailbreakers will be pleased to hear that Filippo Bigarella is also working on an update to his popular Springtomize jailbreak tweak, called Springtomize 3. Our article explained last week:

For iOS 7 and 64-bit iDevices, Bigarella has big changes planned for the jailbreak tweak: “it’s a complete rewrite, based on a completely new structure designed to solve many of the technical challenges that a big project like Springtomize brings to the game (and if you’ve ever developed an iOS tweak, you may be able to guess some of them),” the developer explained in a recent blog post.

Personally, SkipLock isn’t for me. But there is definitely a demographic of iDevice users out there who find the jailbreak tweak useful, and as such it’s great to see that Bigarella is continuing to support the package.

SkipLock can be downloaded free of charge in the Cydia Store, and it’s optimized for iOS 7 and ARM64-iDevices.

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