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Cydia Tweak: Enable Compatibility With Unauthorized Lightning Cables

Cydia Tweak: Enable Compatibility With Unauthorized Lightning Cables

January 9, 2014

Back when iOS 7 launched, were you one of the countless iDevice users who found that the third-party Lightning cables you owned were “unauthorized” by Apple, and therefore incompatible with the updated mobile OS? If you have a stack of now-defunct cables hidden away in a drawer, one new jailbreak tweak promises to enable compatibility once again.

Called Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler, the package indeed claims to enable compatibility between an iOS 7-powered iDevice and unauthorized Lightning cables.

It’s a simple enough jailbreak tweak: once downloaded and installed, users should find that such pop-up error messages (“This cable or accessory is not certified and may not work reliably with the iPhone”) are disabled when users connect an unauthorized cable to their iOS 7-powered iDevice, and rather than not charging the smartphone or tablet, your third-party cable will instead work like an authorized product.

In order to install the jailbreak tweak, you’ll need to have added a new repository to your Cydia app. Its address is: Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler should then be available to download free of charge.

From what we understand, jailbreakers have been seeing varying results with this jailbreak tweak. For some, the problem is fixed outright; for others, the error message is still shown yet their cable now charges their iDevice (whereas before, no charging took place).

Given that Unauthorized Lightning Cable Enabler can be downloaded free of charge in the Cydia Store, we’d advise readers to take it for a spin in order to see if it’s compatible with their particular third-party Lightning cable.

Did this jailbreak tweak fix your unauthorized Lightning cable woes?

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Via: Redmond Pie

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