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Even Air Conditioners Are Now Receiving 'MFi' Certification From Apple

Even Air Conditioners Are Now Receiving 'MFi' Certification From Apple

January 8, 2014
Air conditioners are now even being made for iOS device users. At CES 2014, Haier announced that its Tianzun product is the first appliance to receive official "MFi" authorization and certification from Apple. The MFi program has usually been reserved for accessories, like chargers, and other iOS device companions. Certification shows that the accessory has been designed to connect to an iOS device and has been certified to meet Apple’s performance standards. But this news easily shows how more companies are looking to jump in and create products for Apple users. Haier, which manufactures appliances for the Chinese market, said it is planning to expand the technology to more of its products:
Haier's Tianzun air conditioner is the first air conditioner and white good that is authorized by Apple's MFi program. Haier will use this technology in the other Haier products, such as water heaters, ovens, intelligent home accessories and the like. Users will be able to complete the setup simply by connecting to WiFi. The live demonstration showed that Haier's air conditioner could match the phone automatically and the user could set up parameters for the air conditioner directly without registration, setup password or any other complicated and time-consuming operations when connected to WiFi. And that brings consumers a simple, efficient experience of using smart appliances.
The air conditoner will be sporting the familiar official MFi certification logo when it hits the market. Personally, I'm holding out hope to someday purchase a MFi washer and dryer. Now if I could only make the dryer fold the clothes from my iPhone, I'll be set for life. For other recent news from the event, see: T-Mobile Unveils New Plan To Pay ETF Fees For Customers Who Switch, Tylt Uses CES 2014 To Introduce A Stable Of New iOS Device Accessories, and CES 2014: Bem Wireless Wants To Put A Bluetooth Speaker On Your Wrist.

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