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Latest Apple 'iWatch' Concept Combines Functionality And Simplicity

Latest Apple 'iWatch' Concept Combines Functionality And Simplicity

January 23, 2014
Dean Sullinger doesn’t create 3-D art for a living. Nonetheless, he has come up with an interesting new Apple “iWatch” concept worth considering. The design was created using Maxon Cinema 4D. As the self-described hobbyist recently told AppAdvice:
We were having a discussion between our two sons and myself regarding what the iWatch could be. I found it hard to describe what I thought it should be, so I created the design in 3D to clarify what I wanted them to see. My thought is that it should be a simple design that extends your iPhone/iPad, not replace it. Basically an extension of the notification center on your arm. This would allow the user to quickly see messages, notificationss, or calls that are coming in without always getting their phone out and unlocking it.
More of Sullinger's work is posted on Renderosity. What do you think of this latest iWatch concept? See also: The 4 Apple 'iWatch' Alternatives You Really Need To SeeSay Hello To Apple's 'iWatch S' And 'iWatch C', and The Best Apple 'iWatch' Concept Released To Date?

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