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The Best Apple 'iWatch' Concept Released To Date?

The Best Apple 'iWatch' Concept Released To Date?

January 21, 2014
There’s a new Apple “iWatch” concept making the rounds. The mockup by Todd Hamilton features an iOS 7-inspired design and builds on an iWatch concept previously released by another designer, Thomas Bogner. Hamilton’s iWatch concept combines the look of a Nike FuelBand and an iPhone. Unlike Bogner’s design, the mockup imagines the rumored device with vertical controls. The change in design, according to Hamilton, reflects “something Apple would actually produce.” As you can see, Hamilton’s creation includes a black and white lock screen, displaying the time, date, and a button to activate Siri. The springboard features four app icons with a page controller on the right. A press of the home button brings the user back to the lock screen. Take a look: Hamilton concludes:
One last thing I considered was how the iWatch will get its data. My bet is that it will be tethered to the iPhone over Bluetooth, providing a data connection through your existing plan. I always have my iPhone close by except for when I’m running or surfing so relying on it for a connection wouldn’t be an issue. I’m sure there are plenty of people out there that would disagree but that’s a whole other discussion.
I love Hamilton’s iWatch concept. It’s the first to show each of the features most likely to arrive on the actual iWatch. In particular, I'm happy with the look of the built-in health and fitness tools. Apple is expected to unveil its first wearable device this year. The iWatch could feature an OLED display, be available in two screen sizes, and include wireless charging. Do you like Todd Hamilton's iWatch concept? See also: Report: Apple And LG Sign 'iWatch' Exclusivity DealThe 4 Apple 'iWatch' Alternatives You Really Need To See, and AppAdvice's Bold Predictions For Apple In 2014. [gallery columns="4"]

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