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Okidokeys Lets You Unlock The Full Potential Of Your iPhone As A Smart Key

Like its name or not, the newly launched Lockitron and Kēvo rival Okidokeys is here to offer an array of smart lock options that, in a manner of speaking, are A-OK. Okidokeys is a smart lock that you can install on the interior of any home door using an existing standard deadbolt. Once the smart lock is installed, you can easily lock and unlock your door via Bluetooth with the aid of the free Okidokeys app for iOS or Android. Okidokeys supports six opening rules, including a hands-free mode that automatically unlocks the door when an authorized smartphone gets close to it. Check out the promotional video below to see Okidokeys' unlocking methods and other features, including smart key sharing, in action: If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here. As shown in the video, Okidokeys also supports unlocking options other than smartphones, e.g. dumbphones, smart tags, and traditional metal keys. Some of these options require the wireless Okidokeys smart reader, though. Okidokeys can be preordered now on the Okidokeys website, with delivery starting in March. It's available in three pack options: the $179 Smart-Pack (supports smartphones), the $229 Access-Pack (supports all mobile phones and smart tags), and the $269 Connect-Pack (supports all features of Okidokeys including advanced online management options).
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