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Sprint Is No Longer Trying To 'One Up' As They Launch New 'Framily' Plans

Sprint Is No Longer Trying To 'One Up' As They Launch New 'Framily' Plans

January 13, 2014
Sprint has ended the company’s “One Up” early upgrade plan. The program gave a $15 per month discount to customers who opted to forgo a subsidy. First unveiled in September, One Up joined other “early upgrade” programs in the U.S. including AT&T Next, Verizon Edge, and T-Mobile Jump. As with AT&T Next, Sprint’s plan didn’t require a downpayment. Like with T-Mobile Jump, One Up entitled subscribers to a discount on their monthly plan. One Up is being replaced by the new Sprint Framily Plan, which offers savings for individuals in a group. Each Sprint Framily member has the ability to customize their own plan to meet their unique needs, including:
  • Buy-up to unlimited data plus get annual upgrades for only $20/month per line.
  • Or buy-up to 3GB of data for just $10/month per line. Additional on-network data above 1GB or 3GB buy up: 1.5¢/MB.
  • Plus, add tablets or other products to the account (in accordance with credit policy) without impacting the total number of lines on the Sprint Framily available to a group.
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