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Blowfish Meets Meteor In This New Block-Breaking Game For iPhone

Blowfish Meets Meteor In This New Block-Breaking Game For iPhone

February 16, 2014

What happens when blowfish meets meteor? Undersea pandemonium, that's what.

At least that's what you can expect from Sky Tyrannosaur's recently released, three-years-in-the-making iPhone game, Blowfish Meets Meteor.

Ostensibly, Blowfish Meets Meteor is just another block-breaking game. But the game turns out to be so much more.

In the game, you assume the role of a loving dad to quite a few mermaids, who happen to have been trapped. Now, it's your fatherly duty to rescue them by breaking the blocks that are, well, blocking their way toward freedom and home. But it's easier said than done, considering that you also have to slay giant sea monsters in epic boss battles.

If you can't see the video embedded above, please click here.

Blowfish Meets Meteor boasts the following key features:

  • Explore saltwater glaciers, steamship graveyards, the innards of a gigantic sea-beast, and more across 60 totally unique levels and 6 varied worlds!
  • An aesthetic tour-de-force: thousands of frames of hand-drawn animation and nearly thirty minutes of original music!
  • Engage 8 terrifying, screen-filling bosses in heart-pounding battles to the death!
  • Block-breaker like never before: dynamically destroy terrain, warp the ball across the edges of levels, command two paddles at once, and more!

Optimized for iPhone and iPod touch running iOS 6.0 or later, Blowfish Meets Meteor is available now in the App Store for the special launch weekend price of $1.99.

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