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Imagination’s New Graphics Processor Will Make Future iOS Devices Even Faster

Imagination’s New Graphics Processor Will Make Future iOS Devices Even Faster

February 24, 2014
Imagination Technologies has unveiled a chip it promises will produce the most powerful graphics yet in mobile phones and tablets. The PowerVR GX6650 offers a 192-core mobile GPU, and is being heralded as the most power GPU IP core to date, besting Nvidia’s upcoming Tegra K1 platform. Announced at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, the PowerVR GX6650 is likely to find a place in Apple’s upcoming iOS devices. Cupertino’s current mobile devices have an A7 processor, which uses Imagination’s PowerVR Series 6 graphics. The new mobile graphics chip features six unified shading clusters and 192 cores, allowing it to process 12 pixels per clock. Imagination claims this is triple what competitors can offer. Full features include:
  • Low-power, highly-configurable image signal processor (ISP) designed for SoC integration
  • Designed to operate as part of a PowerVR vision computing platform
  • New companion PowerVR Series5 E5010 JPEG encoder
  • Multi-sensor support with fast context switching
  • Advanced processing pipelines from CMOS sensor to encoder and display
Imagination chips have helped power iOS devices since the iPhone 3GS launched in 2009. Apple is likely to unveil next-generation iOS devices later this year, including the so-called "iPhone 6." See also: New Report Out Of Taiwan Sheds More Light On Apple's Upcoming iPhones, Future Apple iOS Devices To Be Thinner, Lighter And Have Larger Displays, and Has Apple Purchased A 3-Year Supply Of 4.5-Inch Sapphire Glass Displays? Via: AppleInsider

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