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New Report Out Of Taiwan Sheds More Light On Apple's Upcoming iPhones

New Report Out Of Taiwan Sheds More Light On Apple's Upcoming iPhones

February 19, 2014

If a new report from Taiwan’s Economic Daily News has it right, Apple is indeed planning on releasing two bigger iPhone handsets later this year. But rather than both new models featuring a sapphire glass display, the publication claims that only the larger, more expensive smartphone will utilize the ultra-durable material.

The news that bigger iPhones are on the horizon comes as no surprise; more than a handful of different reports have previously claimed that Apple is planning on increasing the size of its smartphone later this year with two larger models, and the Economic Daily News indeed corroborates with previous rumors indicating that we’ll see iPhone displays of approximately 4.7- and 5.6-inches launch in September or October.

More significant, however, is the publication’s claim that only the larger, 5.6-inch iPhone will feature a sapphire glass display – even though previous reports have indicated that both of Apple’s next-generation handsets would use the material.

As a reminder, Apple has invested heavily in sapphire glass production recently, and while some have suggested that the material will be used for an iWatch alone, other reports have claimed that both an Apple-made smart watch and the company’s next-generation iPhones will feature sapphire glass displays.

Economic Daily News indeed believes, however, that out of the two incoming handsets sapphire glass will be used for the larger iPhone only. More bizarre, though, is the publication’s further claim that this 5.6-inch smartphone will be an experimental device which won’t adopt the “iPhone” brand name.

Could a new “iPhablet” name be a possibility, perhaps?

We’re taking this latter claim with a grain of salt; Apple would only confuse its customer base through making such a move, and we’re instead expecting the Cupertino, Calif. company to adopt either the “iPhone 6” or even “iPhone Air” names for its next-generation flagship smartphone.

What do you think?

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Via: 9to5mac

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