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A Secret Artist Is Prepping A New Beyoncé-Like iTunes Exclusive Album

A Secret Artist Is Prepping A New Beyoncé-Like iTunes Exclusive Album

March 19, 2014
Apple is currently working with another “superstar artist” to bring an exclusive album to iTunes. This follows the wildly successful collaboration between Apple and Beyoncé late last year, according to Refinery29. While the specifics aren’t yet known, the report says the unnamed artist is “definitely someone we’ve all heard of.”  The project includes both an exclusive album and accompanying videos. In other words, the album won’t be available through Spotify or Beats Music. Refinery29's report is based on recent discussions at SXSW in Austin, Texas earlier this month. Who is the artist? Refinery29 believes talent such as Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, and many others are out because they all recently released albums. They suggest Madonna and Rihanna are likely candidates. They note:
But, there's one artist in particular who's so beloved, so talented, and who's been away for so long that the surprise release of her album might just trump Beyoncé's. Her name is Adele.
I would absolutely agree. Adele’s last album, “21” was published in 2011. Doesn’t “24” have a nice ring to it? The self-titled “Beyoncé” album launched on iTunes last December. It went on to become the service’s fastest-selling album ever. Earlier this month, Apple's music chief Robert Kondrk confirmed he was in the hunt for more artists to release Beyoncé-like iTunes-exclusive albums. At the time, Billboard said Kondrk was actively seeking out music artists to make a similar move during Grammy season back in January. Who would you like to see release an iTunes exclusive album? See also: Is Separating iTunes Radio From Apple's Music App The Right Way To Go?

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