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Apple Changes Its iPhone Return Policy To Reflect Those Of Carrier Partners

The next time you buy an iPhone through Apple, you’ll only have 14 days to return it for a refund. This change starts tomorrow, March 13, according to 9to5Mac. Prior to this change, customers at Apple retail stores and online had 30 days to return an undamaged device, as long as it came with all of the original accessories. This was in contrast to Apple's carrier partners who have long offered only a 14 day return window. According to an internal document obtained by 9to5Mac, Apple is making this change in an effort to have one universal return policy across all products and to match the carrier’s 14 day policy. While this policy won't take affect at Apple retail stores until tomorrow, it is already listed on Apple's online store. I was always surprised that Apple offered a better iPhone return policy than its carrier partners. Therefore, I'm not surprised by this news. Are you upset by this change? See also: First US iTunes Festival Kicks Off At SXSW With Apple Execs In AudienceApple's 'iPhone 6' Could Come With A Larger Screen And A Higher Price, and Apple May Pull The iPhone 5c, But Not Its Design.
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