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Glitch Removes Apple's Stock Apps From iOS 7.1

Glitch Removes Apple's Stock Apps From iOS 7.1

March 26, 2014
Don’t want Apple’s stock apps to appear on your iOS device home screen? You’re in luck, as a new glitch has been found that allows users to place folders inside folders, thereby allowing the Compass and Passbook apps of the world to disappear. As the video below by iDeviceHelpus shows, the apps aren’t actually removed from your iOS 7.1 device. Rather, they become hidden thanks to a visual display glitch, and will return after rebooting. Take a look: Want to try this yourself? Here are the steps, as published by 9to5Mac:
  1. Put the apps you want to hide in a folder.
  2. Put this folder on a page of your Home Screen that is full. This means that you need both a full grid of icons as well as a full dock (the dock stretches to 6 apps on the iPad).
  3. You then drag any app on top of another one to create a folder. As the folder animation begins, quickly drag the folder you want to hide inside the newly created folder. You have to be fast here; watch the video to get a better idea of the timing.
  4. Remove the two apps in the folder first. Then drag out the subfolder and it will vanish completely. The apps have now been hidden.
Most likely, Apple will remove this glitch in the future iOS update. Until then, enjoy hiding your apps. See also: Video: How To Create Nested Folders In iOS 7.1, and Apple Offers Refunds For Some Unauthorized In-App Purchases Made By Minors.

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