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Apple's iPad Air 2 Could Be Even Thinner Than The Current Model

Apple's iPad Air 2 Could Be Even Thinner Than The Current Model

April 18, 2014
The “iPad Air 2” could be thinner than its predecessor and include LCD and cover glass manufactured as a single unit. These are the conclusions drawn from new images purportedly showing parts for the device, according to AppleInsider. As you can see, the front assembly shown in the images looks similar to the one found on the current iPad Air. For the rear assembly, however, it is a different story. Here, it looks like the connector configuration is different. Also, the LCD appears to be bonded directly to the cover glass. The report notes:
Chemically bonding the cover glass to the LCD results in a thinner overall assembly as well as enhanced viewing angles. Those who own an iPad and a recent iPhone can see the difference when placing the devices on a flat surface and viewing them from an obtuse angle.
These photos were first leaked by Dutch blog site, which claims the photos were sourced from a Chinese display supplier. The first iPad Air was released last October. It is just 7.5 mm thick, making it the thinnest full-size iPad to date. Next generation iPads probably won't be released until this fall. See also: Apple's Next iPad Smart Case Could Come With A Detached Keyboard, and Apple To Launch Refreshed iPad Air This Year, But No New iPad mini Until 2015?

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