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Mobile Device Revenues Will Soon Overtake Those For Television Sets

Mobile Device Revenues Will Soon Overtake Those For Television Sets

April 15, 2014
For the first time, revenues from mobile devices will surpass those for television sets in 2014. The shift comes as consumers increasingly demand higher-quality displays on mobile devices, according to NPD DisplaySearch. From 2006 through 2013, LCD TVs accounted for the largest share of flat panel display (FPD) revenues. That will change later this year when revenues from mobile PCs and mobile phones will have a 42 percent share of total global FPD revenues, compared to 37 percent for LCD TVs. According to the report, “the recent trend toward higher resolutions, slimmer and more lightweight specifications, wider viewing angle, lower power consumption, and the emergence of LTPS and OLED displays are causing mobile display revenues to soar.” David Hsieh, vice president of NPD DisplaySearch notes:
With strong growth in tablet PCs, high-end notebooks, and smartphones—especially high resolution and wide-viewing angle displays—mobile devices are leading the growth of the FPD industry. Mobile devices are expected to expand their revenue lead over LCD TV in the years to come, with nearly half of all FPD revenue by 2016.
Worldwide FPD revenues are expected to reach $131 billion in 2014. This amounts to a 1 percent increase year over year. Revenues for mobile phones, mobile PCs, automobile monitors, public displays, and OLED TVs are expected to grow, while those for LCD TVs, plasma TVs, digital still cameras, and amusement devices will decline. Apple is expected to launch its next-generation iPhone handset in the fall. The device could feature a sapphire-coated display. See also: Purported Images Of The Chassis For Apple's iPhone 6 Hit The Web, and Could This Be The Front Panel For Apple's iPhone 6?

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