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Squerb: When 'Liking' A Band Or TV Show Just Won't Do

Squerb: When 'Liking' A Band Or TV Show Just Won't Do

April 30, 2014
There are moments when clicking “like” or giving a star rating for something just won’t do. When this happens, you may want to “squerb” instead. At Squerb, opinions are expressed using a “smarter opinion graph,” which is made up of axes of descriptive words that range from “interesting” to “unbelievable.” With this tool, users can share their opinions on varying topics, including bands, products, videos, and much more. Features of the new universal Squerb app for iOS, include:
  • EXPRESS YOURSELF – Love the food, but hate the service? Find the lyrics genius? If you have more to say than “thumbs up”… then Squerb it!
  • SHARE – Easily share with your followers on Squerb, your friends on Facebook, or breathe new life into your Twitter account.
  • EXPLORE & DISCOVER - such as "the most hilarious" articles and videos or what people are saying about your local restaurants.
  • POLL YOUR FRIENDS – Want to know what your friend thought of last night’s Supernatural episode? It’s never been easier.
  • FOLLOW – Easily follow your friends or favorite personalities and minds to keep amused and informed.
Are you ready to squerb something? Download the free Squerb app right now to get started. See also: The Lunecase For iPhone Is Powered By Electromagnetic EnergyMicrosoft Office For iPad Now Includes Printing And Other New Tools, and What You Might Not Know About The Camera On Apple's Next iPhone.

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