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What Does Apple's WWDC 2014 Logo Really Mean?

What Does Apple's WWDC 2014 Logo Really Mean?

April 3, 2014

Earlier today, Apple announced its Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) for 2014 would begin on Monday, June 2. The announcement came with an interesting new logo, as shown above. But what does it mean?

Apple is notorious for putting clues in its event logos.  The colorful WWDC logo in 2013, for example, clearly suggested they were working on an iPhone that would come in different hues. That handset, the iPhone 5c, arrived in September.

So what does the WWDC 2014 logo tell us?

Like no time in recent memory, Apple really tipped its hand this time. Clearly, the logo is a homage to Flappy Bird, Minecraft, and all the other pixel games on the App Store. Perhaps iOS 8 is going retro and will include chunky pixels on everything. Better yet, maybe iOS 8 is going 8-bit.

The following screenshot seems to confirm this. It purportedly shows a new icon for iOS 8.

The other big takeaway that is obvious based on the logo is that Apple plans on shipping a new dot-matrix printer. If true, it would be Apple's first new printer since the final Color StyleWriter was released in 1997.


The truth is, we have no idea what the WWDC 2014 logo means. What is nearly certain is that iOS 8 won't be going retro. That new dot-matrix printer? Not very likely.

What do you think? Let us know if you're planning on going to WWDC this year by answering the questions below. We'd also love to read some comments.

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