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Ahead Of Apple's WWDC, iOS 7 Closes In On 90 Percent Adoption

Ahead Of Apple's WWDC, iOS 7 Closes In On 90 Percent Adoption

June 1, 2014
Ahead of next week's Worldwide Developer Conference, where iOS 8 is expected to be unveiled by Apple, the adoption of iOS 7 (the company's current mobile operating system) has been determined to be approaching 90 percent. This is according to Chitika Insights (via PC Magazine), which sampled millions of mobile ad impressions originating from iPhones and iPads in the U.S. and Canada from May 22 through May 28. The results of Chitika's study show that nearly 90 percent of iPhones are now running on iOS 7 (see graph above), up by 5.4 percentage points compared with the results of a similar report by the analytics firm last February. As for iPads, just under 85 percent of them are now powered by iOS 7 (see graph below), indicating an increase of 6.3 percentage points since the February study. Before last year's WWDC, Chitika had iOS 6 adoption at 92.7 percent for iPhones and 82.8 percent for iPads. Given that both iOS versions have been around for more or less the same period at the time of their respective studies, Chitika notes:
The slightly lower share for iPhone in 2014 may be the result of several issues some users have dealt with as part of iOS 7.x updates, leading a small percentage to stick with iOS 6. Meanwhile, the comparatively higher share for iPad this time around is possibly due to iOS 7 compatibility extended to all iPads with the exception of the original 2010 model, covering a sizable portion of the existing install base.
Looking at official figures from Apple, the company's support page for developers shows that 88 percent of devices are using iOS 7, as measured by the App Store during a seven-day period ended May 18. Apple's next major iteration of its mobile operating system, dubbed "iOS 8," is likely to be introduced on Monday at WWDC, as evidenced by the banners showing the number 8 that have been put up at the event's venue.

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