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Is Apple's iPhone Coming Soon To T-Mobile's MetroPCS Prepaid Brand?

Is Apple's iPhone Coming Soon To T-Mobile's MetroPCS Prepaid Brand?

May 2, 2014
The iPhone could soon be an option at T-Mobile’s prepaid brand, MetroPCS. “We are very interested in that,” chief marketing officer Mike Sievert told Re/code. According to the report:
Part of the challenge is finding an attractive way to make it affordable enough for all of MetroPCS’s customers, many of whom have tighter budgets and some of whom might not have good enough credit to qualify for device financing.
T-Mobile completed its merger with MetroPCS in 2013. At the time, T-Mobile CEO John Legere said the iPhone would eventually come to the prepaid brand. Speaking with All Things Digital, Legere had this to say:
As for the iPhone coming to MetroPCS, Legere said it’s a possibility, but not a foregone conclusion.“The answer to that is not ‘No,’” Legere said, but added, “It’s not imminent; I think that’s safe to say.” There are two big factors. One is how T-Mobile decides it wants to position the two brands and manage its marketing. “It’s also something that involves Apple,” Legere said, but added that “we’ve started those dialogues with our partners.”
Sprint already offers the iPhone through its prepaid brand, Virgin Mobile. Ironically, T-Mobile may be acquired by Sprint later this year.

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