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Apple Updates Its Support Communities Website, Adds Instant Search Box

Apple Updates Its Support Communities Website, Adds Instant Search Box

June 20, 2014
Apple has revamped its Apple Support Communities website, adding a refreshed user interface (UI) and situating a large "instant search" box at the center of the page. Usefully, this search box indeed displays results immediately after users begin typing in a question: a term such as "iPhone 5s" brings up a plethora of potential threads of interest, however by appending further terms onto the end of their query users can better hone their search of the Apple Support Communities' various forums. Clicking on a search result in the drop-down interface will of course take you to that particular thread; if your query doesn't pull up a thread of interest, however, a large "Submit my question to the community" button allows users of the website to do just that. As AppleInsider explains, further UI enhancements have also been made at the website:
Other changes include a new exploration feature that allows users to browse the Community pages by category and topic. Options include current and past devices, software, iCloud, developer forums and tutorials, among others. Forum views are also revamped, with a sliding carousel bar at the top of each page pointing to popular threads and discussions within that section.
There are also links for discussions which are "currently active," and users can browse through the Apple Support Communities by "People" as of the refresh, too. Of course, much like its main Web page, the updated Apple Support Communities website looks great and works well running on an iPhone or iPad: elements are larger, less cluttered, and are designed to be touched (as well as clicked) by Apple's iOS-savvy user base. You can check out the updated Apple Support Communities website by clicking this link. See also: Coinbase - Bitcoin Wallet Is Out Now On The App Store, But Is It Safe To Use?, Help Angry Henry Escape From The Helicopter Lords In This Awesomely Absurd Shooter, and Horn Developer Phosphor Games Unveils WARP: Warriors Of The Red Planet For iOS.

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