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Apple's Next-Gen OS X 10.10 Yosemite Borrows A Lot From iOS

Apple's Next-Gen OS X 10.10 Yosemite Borrows A Lot From iOS

June 2, 2014
Apple has unveiled its next-generation OS X 10.10 desktop operating system -- called "Yosemite" -- on stage during its WWDC keynote, and as expected, the revamped OS borrows a lot from iOS. As Tim Cook noted at the beginning of the presentation:
You're going to see how they've been engineered to work seamlessly together.
This is indeed the case with OS X 10.10. First, a revamped, minimalistic, and iOS-inspired dock is indeed being added in the updated OS. Icons are now clean "yet fundamentally still Mac." Second, it seems enhanced window constructions add a more refined appearance to OS X 10.10: apps like FaceTime, Contacts, and Calendars all look more like their iOS counterparts, too. Next, Notification Center offers a "Today" view (as expected). Here, users can gain at-a-glance information on aspects of their schedule, the current weather, and third-party Mac App Store applications. Be sure to follow along with today's keynote news either at AppAdvice's main page, or by tuning in to our ongoing live blog.

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