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Ember For Mac Gets A Huge Update Bringing Support For Text Files, PDFs And More

Ember For Mac Gets A Huge Update Bringing Support For Text Files, PDFs And More

June 18, 2014
Realmac Software has published a big update for its popular Ember Mac application, bringing support for text files, PDFs, and a range of other media types. You can download the recently updated application for $49.99 on the Mac App Store and it requires OS X 10.9. First up, Ember for Mac indeed allows users to drag text files into the application and to store them alongside images. "Working on a new website, and need to store notes, concepts, and feedback with your screenshots? Now you can," Realmac explains, adding in the app's release notes:
Add plain-text documents to your Ember library, right alongside your images. Need to make notes for a project? Just drag the Note to the appropriate collection to put everything in one place. Text files can even be used with any of your Auto-Import rules (set them up in Preferences!).
Besides text files, Ember 1.7 also allows users to save and view PDFs, QuickTime movies, SVG graphics, and Adobe Illustrator files inside the application, and "behind the scenes" sync improvements mean Ember should now be faster and more reliable than before. Finally, the updated app allows users to create and save "Bookmarks," too:
You can now save pages as Bookmarks as well as capturing the entire page. Great if you’re wanting to group together links alongside other media!
Ember for iOS also received a minor update yesterday improving syncing between itself and its companion Mac app. It's available on the App Store for $4.99 and is optimized for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. You can download Ember for Mac's latest update now on the Mac App Store. As mentioned, the application retails for $49.99 and requires OS X 10.9. [gallery]

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